Are you a doctor who is looking to revolutionise the way you work by working smarter not harder?
Dr’s On Call is for you!

Flexible Working Arrangements
Dr’s On Call is unlike any other employer for doctors in the medical industry. We provide you with highly flexible working arrangements that allows you to choose when, for how long and how often you work. At the beginning of each day you choose to work, you will be provided with your list of patients who require your care and attention. All we require from you is to ensure that by the end of a day your list is complete.

Uncapped Remuneration Package
Put simply, you are in control of your income. Dr’s On Call will provide you income daily. As highly qualified medical professionals, we believe that the earnings doctors are capable of making should not be capped. As such we will offer financial incentives to reward you for choosing to go above and beyond in offering uncompromising medical care. The more patients you visit and treat, the more you earn.

Dynamic Working Environment
Sick of being stuck in the same office or clinical setting each day? Dr’s On Call will have you practicing in numerous clinical environments every single day, so having your own car is a must. Our patients, often whom are incapacitated, are spread through facilities across Sydney. As such we will require you to travel to numerous facilities in a day, but don’t worry, our staff will ensure that we arrange your list each day to avoid spending unnecessary time travelling, and allow you to focus on providing care to those in urgent need.

Start Date:
June 24, 2020
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Major Cities (RA1)
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About Dr's On Call

Dr’s On Call was established close to 20 years ago in Sydney’s north, and has been rapidly expanding it’s reach since its inception, that now operates across most areas of Sydney.

At Dr’s On Call we are passionate about supporting vulnerability, which aligns strongly with our focus in aged care, palliative care, disability and mental health care settings. Our extensive experience in such fragile settings has allowed us to understand the importance of family when caring for patients in these modalities. As such we treat our clients and patients like family, ensuring that their care, dignity and comfort is our priority.