Who are we?

Health Volition offers comprehensive and expanded support within the healthcare industry, covering a broad spectrum of services. Our offerings include both surgical and non-surgical treatments, ensuring that patients receive appropriate medical interventions tailored to their needs. In addition to these treatments, we provide essential primary care services, fostering a foundation of ongoing health management and preventative care.

Health Volition also places a strong emphasis on holistic well-being and self-care. Our Allied Health Team provide support in 12 or 6 month program as well as 1:1 private clinic. Our allied health team include dietitian & nutritionists, mental health support, exercise physiologist and clinical hypnotherapy.

We provide services in:

Dietetics and Nutrition
Mental Health Support
Exercise Physiology
Clinical Hypnotherapy
General Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Non Surgical Weightloss Interventions
Upper and Lower Endoscopy
Excisions and minor surgery
If you have a special interest, we are happy to expand – the opportunity is endless!

Located in the Chermside, it is less than 12km from Brisbane CBD and about 10kms from the Brisbane Domestic and International Airports.


FULL TIME: 73% of Billings
Flexible work hours.
Great cohesive team of experienced doctors and allied health team who are patient focused, caring, supportive and compassionate.
Fully equipped treatment room.
Nursing support.
Multi-disciplinary allied health onsite.
Multi-disciplinary visiting specialists.

For those wanting to own their own clinic – happy to explore joint ownership.

Well-established allied health and specialist clinic with 11 years of goodwill.

Start Date:
June 17, 2024
RA Classification:
Major Cities (RA1)
Area of Need Position:

About Health Volition

Well-established allied health and specialist clinic for past 11+ years.  10,000+ patients.

We are focused on establishing our primary care.