DWS vs Area of Need

Difference between Area of Need and District of Workforce Shortage (DWS)

Is there a difference between DWS and Area of Need? This question comes to the mind of every overseas trained GP who is searching for a GP jobs in Australia. There seems to be a confusion between these two terms. Let’s try to find out if there is any difference between DWS and Area of Need.

Area of Need(AoN) is the special arrangement to assist employers in Australia who are experiencing difficulty recruiting medical practitioners with specialist registration. Area of Need allows the employers to recruit suitably qualified international medical graduates (IMGs) to vacant positions that have been approved as ‘Area of Need’. Please visit Department of Health website to get more information about eligibility criteria and online application process for Area of Need.

Area of Need(AoN) can help the overseas trained doctor to apply for limited registration with AHPRA. Area of Need has no role in applying and obtaining Medicare provider number.
District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) is the area in which local population has less access to medical services as compared to national average. Practices does not have to go through any formal process of applying for District of Workforce Shortage. They just have to visit Doctor Connect website and see if their practice location is in DWS or not. If the practice is in DWS, 19AB exemption migh be favorably considered for an overseas trained doctor who is restricted with 19AB of the Health Insurance Act, 1973. Please note that the doctor may be restricted with 19AA of the Health Insurance Act in addition to 19AB. If thats the case, he or she can only work in 3GA programs.
Please visit 19AB Flow Chart and decide if the OTD is restricted with 19AB or not.
In the nutshell, Area of Need is related to AHPRA limited registration AND District of Workforce Shortage is related to the eligibility of an overseas trained doctor to get the Medicare provider number.


Below is the list of some of new GP jobs posted on our website that are falling within District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) location (*as of 24th August 2017)


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