19Ab locum exemption for non-dws practice gp job

We receive inquiries from medical practices for recruitment of locum GPs. Here is the answers to some of the common questions that we receive regarding locum gp recruitment.

1.) What is Locum?

Locum means temporary replacement. If a medical practice can not find a permanent GP and still need to fill the position, they can recruit a locum. Also, if a main GP is going on leave or something, they can recruit a locum for temporary period.

2.) Is the salary of locum more or less than permanent GP?

Usually, the salary of locum GP is more than the regular GP. However, majority of the time, practices do not pay annual or sick leave etc..to the locum. It all depends upon the negotiation between practice and locum GP at the time of placement.

3.) What is the duration of locum gp job?

It depends. It could be from days to months. Majority of locum positions finish before 6 months. Even Medicare consider 6 month as the max locum duration while issuing the 19AB locum exemption to overseas trained doctors.

4.) How can a practice recruit locum gp?

It is sometimes difficult to recruit a locum GP. There are many reasons behind it. First possible explanation is; there is always an urgency to find a locum. Practices do not have lot of time to advertise and find a locum gp in majority of cases. Provider number restrictions can also be an issue in some cases. If a practice wants to recruit a locum, they should start searching and advertising for locum as soon as possible.

5.) What is 19ab locum exemption?

We have another article written about 19AB locum exemption. Please read it hereĀ 19ab locum exemption

We have few practices advertising for locum positions on our website. Please take a look here..

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If you want to advertise a locum gp job on our website, please click the link below.