Appearing in PESCI exam before applying to AHPRA

Question: I am an IMG. Can I sit for PESCI exam with ACRRM before applying to AHPRA. I cleared AMC MCQ and OET and want to sit in PESCI now as the waiting list is too long and I do not want to wait.. I have job offer and wanted to know if I can sit for PESCI without formally applying to AHPRA

Answer: Certainly. You can sit for a PESCI exam without formally applying to AHPRA. If you are applying for limited or provisional registration with AHPRA, you should ideally apply to sit for PESCI exam before applying for registration. If you apply for registration with AHPRA, they will ask you to sit for PESCI exam before assessing your application. You need to have following information to book a PESCI exam with ACRRM.

  1. A completed ACRRM formatted CV
  2. A copy of your passport
  3. A completed College-formatted position description template
  4. A completed Training Plan for applicants applying for Limited Registration – Post Graduate Training and Supervised Practice.

Please see ACRRM website to get more information.

Please also note that there are other agencies who conduct PESCI exam in Australia. The Australian Medical Council accredited PESCI providers are:

  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine¬†(All states)
  • Health Workforce Assessment Victoria
  • Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria
  • Queensland Health
  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners¬†(Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania)

** This information is for general purpose only. You should contact relevant organisation (ACRRM or AHPRA) to get specific advice about your eligibility to sit for PESCI, type of supervision etc.**