section 19aa of health insurance act 1973 medicare exemption

Dual Benefit of Working for an Approved Medical Deputising Service (AMDS)

Approved Medical Deputising Service Program (AMDSP) is one of the Section 3GA programs. The AMDSP was established under section 3GA of the Act in 1999 in response to concerns about the shortage of medical practitioners providing after‑hours home visit services in metropolitan areas. The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing administers the program.

All medical practitioners restricted by section 19AA of the Act are unable to access Medicare benefits unless they apply and participate on an approved training or workforce programme under section 3GA of the Act.

List of 3GA programs can be found on Department of Health website.

Eligible GPs working for AMDS can get provider number under Section 19AA of the Act. Even if the doctor is overseas trained and restricted with 19AB of the act, working for AMDS will allow him to get 19AB exemption due to after hours nature of the model.

So basically, Eligible GPs restricted with 19AA and 19AB might be able to get medicare provider number for working with Approved Medical Deputising Services (AMDS)

Warning: Please note that there are many recent changes to Medicare provider number legislations including introducing new 3GA programs and cessation of few 3GA programs. Please consider the information on this page for general purpose only. For any up to date information about 19AB, DWS, 19AA, 3GA, RLRP,MDRAP, PEP, SAPP, AMDS etc, please refer to Medicare and Department of Health website as they are the best sources to get up to date information.

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