section 19aa of health insurance act 1973 medicare exemption

More Doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP)

As announced during 2018-19 budget, the Government is thinking to provide incentives for non VR doctors to qualify as vocationally recognised (VR) or specialist GPs and to practice outside major cities.

Warning: Please note that there are many recent changes to Medicare provider number legislations including introducing new 3GA programs and cessation of few 3GA programs. Please consider the information on this page for general purpose only. For any up to date information about 19AB, DWS, 19AA, 3GA, RLRP,MDRAP, PEP, SAPP, AMDS etc, please refer to Medicare and Department of Health website as they are the best sources to get up to date information.

There is no information available for MDRAP program yet. However, on the DoH website, it is mentioned that this program will encourage non-VR doctors to become Fellows and to work outside major cities. For example, Australian trained non VR doctors might be able to get a provider number to bill Medicare in Modified Monash (MMM) 2-7 locations. It is also mentioned that new non VR doctors in eligible rural areas will be able to bill 80% of VR rebate. It is also written that non VR doctors will be able to bill 100% when they are on a pathway to fellowship.

Please note that above information is tentative only and it is obtained from DoH website ( More information will be available in coming months. If you have any question, please contact DoH by sending them an email at